For the love of GREEN

Laurie’s box for CCSS

 Laurie, our Dishrag Team Captain, knew I liked green and that is why she knit me a varigated green dishrag for our reverse swap.  Many of us did this for the person who knit us a dishrag in the TAG relay.  We also got to add other goodies to the box that we thought would be fitting for that person.  So that is why I got green stitch markers that remind me of sea glass, and a BIG bag of peanut M&Ms.  The yarn is especially wonderful because you can dye it any color you so desire… favorite dye for yarn right now is Kool-aid (maybe lemon-lime with blue rasperry).   I haven’t knit with this particular kind of yarn for socks before, so I am delighted to get the opportunity.  THANK YOU, LAURIE for the wonderful box (just like a Christmas sock in a box)!

The color green seems to make its way into every corner of my life.  It is in the garden of course, in my knitting and sewing, in my dressing and jewlery, but most of all in my decorating.  I grew up in a green house on the inside.  Ivy dishes and ivy wallpaper with green walls…..a decor that stayed in that house forever.   I like to mix my green with reds and a touch of blue here and there, and that also hasn’t changed much over the years.  The intensity has but the basic colors have not…..just like me.  I use to be more shy and quite, and now I am more outgoing and …..should I say it…..LOUD!  Ouch!  I really do love to laugh out loud now than ever before!  That is the beauty of getting older and just being more secure as a person.


Since I am very creatively busy, I think the green around me that I can see grounds my ever increasing desire for creative expression.  Here are some walls that I look at every day, and love to feast my eyes upon for affirmation that yes, this is indeed my home.

Kitchen wall

I hope there are places in your home that speak of who you are and what you love.  I love dishes and miniture tea sets, sunflowers and things that say,”There are children around this house”.  My oldest Gboy made the pretzel house done over a small milk carton……I’m not sure he will ever get it back….I adore it!

Dining room wall


A Finished Project off the needles… 

Christmas Sock

I am presently in decorating (sewing) mode….finished some valances in the bedroom and an upholstered-type top for the upright piano, and I am now onto the piano seat…pics to come….stay tuned……

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One response to “For the love of GREEN

  1. Marianne

    It was nice to see parts of your house, Marcia. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.

    I liked the pictures and colors. I have a sweet miniature antique tea set (I think 3 piece set).
    It’s from Japan, Napon or something, or is that a poisonous gas? Anyway, I haven’t had it out in a long time, because my apartment is just too small. It’s that pretty sage green with violets.

    Great Christmas sock. Love the colors.

    yours truly,

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