A Glimpse of the Knit-life.

Mother Bear Project

 For most avid knitters and craft people in general, their chosen passion is squished in between the everyday of life.  It is always on our minds, and more often than not, we orchestrate our day around those times when we know we can steal some time and get “away” through that which we L-O-V-E to do.  Errands and even food shopping always include a side trip to the LYS or craft store.  If you are food shopping, there is the magazine rack that can be fruitful for ideas and projects.  It becomes part of the food budget….how devine.  Supermarkets should carry Noro, what a killing they would make!  And so it is with me,  I fit knitting into the everyday frenzy of a very busy household with many balls being juggled in the air at any given moment.  Sometimes I do great with it, and other times I am so desparate to have time to knit that I have been known to take my knitting into the “ladies room” and shut the door for 5 minutes.  After all, it is cozy and quiet, and has a fairly decent seat….for 5 minutes anyway.  The projects I attempt under all this busyness are rather small.  Anything long term might never see the light of day, and find itself buried under the bed keeping company with the dust bunnies that live under there.  It feels good to get a project to its end and see something finished, unlike the dishes that keep finding their way from the cupboard back into the sink.

As you know,at times this blog is a tribute to the ladies of Quakertown Quilts in Friendswood, Texas that were willing to put it out there and learn to knit.  Their final project was to knit a bear for the Mother Bear Project.  This was no small feat!  It has taken many months to get all the smily faced bears finished.  The face being the hardest part for many, including myself.  Each bear has its own unique qualities and quirks, and for sure, no two are alike.  The best part of all is that each bear spent a lot of time with its maker and will be sent off to some place of need in Africa with lots of love to share.  With great delight I placed each bear in the box, 18 total.  It is now ready to send, and a project started is now finished. 

The information for making these bears can be found on the website above, or found in Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen.  I have this book and recommend it for gift giving for the holidays ahead.  It has some amazing stories and patterns, and certainly enough ways to give of your talents to meet many different tastes.  And giving back really does get you in the “mood” for the holidays, unlike the overwhelming row upon row of lights and ornaments, blow ups, greenery, and glittery blinking blarring bobbles and bows in every corner of every store. 

Good bye sweet Bears……go make a friend and share a hug or two with a small  someone who really REALLY needs you!

Mother Bear Project

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  1. Marianne

    Good to see you back, Marcia! What a great expose. I know those little bears will find warm little arms to cradle in. You all did an amazing job – hip,hip hooray!


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