The Art of Gathering

October monster cupcakes

If you are a collector of anything, you have the “gathering gene”.  If you are a women and a collector, well, you “gather” a lot and this will reflect in your off-spring!  I am one of those, and the off-spring of the off-spring hatched a plan.  The Oct. 26th issue of  All You magazine hit the house with a cover filled with monster faced cupcakes.  It was my duty and job to hunt down and gather all necessary candy, cereal, fruit roll, chocolate chips, marshmellows, food coloring, and the all important decorating tips, to recreate the monsters on the cover and in the inside article.  The nine year old Gboy had spoken.

Caleb monster cupcake

This process went on for a few weeks and resulted in some fun finds.  Wilton has the silcone cupcake bakers with legs in four different colors.  I had not used a silcone mold for baking before and was surprised how great they worked.  Perfect monster fair.  The Wilton cupcake decorating kit was also helpful, and came with a long tip for inserting filling into your cupcake (later for that one).  We struck gold when the local grocery store gave you the decorating kit if you bought the silcone molds.  We were on a roll!  The next challenge was the cereal.   In the end, we decided to buy the small variety boxes in order to get the different kinds we needed without having to have lots of leftover cereal.  The candy was the easiest part, but much discussion went on before hand about just what kind would make the best eyes, for instance.  Since Gboy#1 is a collector, this process was just as exciting as making them. 

Well, the night finally arrived for “the baking” and ” the making”.  The result was quite amazing.  The cover picture ended up being a mere starting point for the decorating mini-chefs.  The adults got involved, and all in all, it was a great gathering of artistic handiwork. 

witch bunny cupcake

pirate and guel cupcake

cat cupcake

I love it when a plan comes together!   

The spooky trio



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3 responses to “The Art of Gathering

  1. The cupcakes are fabulous – what a great idea! It’s great how they held the kids’ interest. A reason to look forward to grandchildren!

  2. Those cupcakes are fabulous, I’d have been into doing those decorations. Cool!

  3. Marianne

    Wonderful cupcakes, and a wonderful way to bond with the grandchildren. They will remember that for a long time to come. It reminds me of when my son (now 17) was 4 years old, and he wanted to have a Halloween party. It was only September, so I suggested we have a “Just for Fun” party. He drew the invitations and we mailed them to his little friends. I baked cupcakes and we decorated them with funny, and “scary” faces using candies and the like. whenever we look at the photos of that day , it will always remind of us of the “just for fun” party, and the way children and parents can come together to make great memories.

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