Scarf Done, but The Exchange has just Begun!


ise5 BOX

Back in October, I decided to apply for the International Scarf Exchange 5 to see if I would get an invitation to participate.  I was hungry for a new challenge after the Dishrag Tag, and thought it would be fun to do it with a few of my team mates from the Tag.  I got the invitation, and so did Laurie and Cathy-Cate.  There are 200 who are allowed to particpate in this event and we were all first timers.  This is how it works.  You fill out a questionairre about yourself with preferences for a scarf such as color and choice of yarn type, and also a style of scarf ( lace, geometric, long, or asymetric ).  There is a hostess who is assigned to a group of us, and that hostess plans the exchanges, e-mails you, and makes sure you get your scarf mailed before the deadline.  Each person has a Pal to knit a scarf for, and each person has a secret Pal that is knitting a scarf for them.  The exchanges are always in a different country from where the person lives.  I live in the US, and my Pal is in the Netherlands..Hi, Sarah-Katherine!  I have a secret Pal that is knitting a scarf for me, (Hi! Secret Knitter) and as of yet, I don’t know where she lives or very much about her at all except that she is somewhere in the world trying to finish and mail off the scarf before the Dec. 1 deadline.  The magic happens when the scarf is sent with goodies to its intented home and the person it was intended for receives it and all the treats that were sent as well.  That happened for me this week and what fun it was for Sarah-Katherine to get her box only 4 working days after I sent it….amazing!  The floral cutting and glueing on the front of the box were meant to keep the package from getting lost or ignored. I guess that worked and then some.

The box was sent on Friday, and received in the Netherland on Wednesday of the next week.  We both were in shock over the speed of its arrival……and delighted!  I have never received an e-mail with so many explanation points.  She was definately excited.  Sarah-Katherine got her craving satisfied for the time being for chocolate & peanut butter in the form of peanut butter M&Ms, and peanut butter filled Hershey kisses.  She also got the snack pack of Jif peanut butter par her request.  I think she likes peanut butter.  There were other personal goodies, and of course the scarf.

Trial Run #1


The scarf started out as a trial run on the pattern and the gauge.  Like all trial runs, you learn a lot about the pattern and how it looks, feels to knit and if this is the “one”.  In this case it was NOT the one.  The gauge on 8’s was way to big, and I wasn’t sure about the varigated yarn with the pattern.  This swach got frogged right after I took this picture.

Trial Run #2


The next try was the same pattern with a smaller needle (perfect), and the hand dyed red looked good.  It would have worked for a casual look with jeans, but that was not what I was after in a style.  I was looking for something more refined, but not too dressy.  The yarn choice ended up being a wool/soy combo from Paton in a royal blue with the pattern coming from the Holiday Gifts issue of Interweave Knit magazine, called Quiviuk Webs Tam and Scarf.  It was so fun to knit, my first time reading charts and there were four of them for this pattern.  It ended up being 70+ inches long and 5 1/2 “wide.  The yarn was shiny and a bit fuzzy and very soft to the touch.  I am so glad you like it SK. :0) 

The Real Deal…The “One”!



 The best part for me has been to finally reveal who I am and be able to be more open in our conversations.  It has been pure JOY to get to know this amazing person that lives half a world away, but shares so much in common with me and my family.  It has been extra fabulishious as SK would say.   So what started out as a scarf exchange, has developed into a full blown exchange of ideas, hopes, dreams, everyday happenings, and truly a desire to care about and support each other.  Our friendship has just begun!


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3 responses to “Scarf Done, but The Exchange has just Begun!

  1. Love the scarves! I think you were right about the first one, but the second and then your wonderful exchange scarf are so cool — I really like that lace pattern!
    What an eye-catching box! You are so creative.

  2. SK

    I would have been happy with any of the above but your final choice was perfect! Thanks TONS!!!

  3. Marianne

    What a beautiful scarf! Good job.

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