Getting Inspired…all over again. August 2008

The Face of Summer

The Face of Summer

It was Christmas that snowed me under, and left me without a thought of my own.  I was burned out on everything and went into survival mode.  No creative juices flowed, no real time even to wonder why.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep this blog going, but I am going to give it another chance and see how it goes.  So, hang with me and we will do this together. 

It was Dish Rag Tag that modivated me to start a blog and step out into the world of the internet via knitting.  What a community it is and growing all the time.  I feel a bit overwhelmed by the speed of it and all the “new” that is added on a daily basis.  And so, it is Dish Rag Tag: the sequel that has me back here again trying to get on track and learn a few more tricks, and share the journey.

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  1. Big Sister

    You go Girl–We love You !

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